Project Runway: The Rainway

Project RunwayYou know you are watching Project Runway when….there is something exciting brewing in the mix. This past episode gave off that feeling, especially if you follow Project Runway on Facebook. In episode 7, Samantha left, which left some of the contestants upset. Korina won the last challenge with immunity. And Kini was down about being in the bottom. Lets take a look at the challenge.

Challenge: Thi…

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Project Runway: Priceless Runway

Project RunwayAfter Char left, who is my little ball of sunshine on the show, it felt a little empty. Everyone, except for Sean who just had a double win, was down. Tim especially. There was also a little less tension, which for this group, that was great.
Here is a look at what this episode had to entail for us last week.

Challenge: Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, introduced…

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Project Runway: Rock the Wedding

Project RunwayI wasn’t really looking forward to this episode after a double elimination with Mitchell and Kristine but I still watched anyways. We are down to 10 designers in this episode and it is getting tougher for the judges to choose the one that goes home. Although the last episode, it was pretty easy to see which ones sucked. I have to say that I am biased and have a love for two of the designers: Kini…

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