Project Runway: Welcome to the Future

Project Runway: Welcome to the Future

Project RunwaySorry for the late post. You will be getting back to back looks at the past two Project Runway episodes before the newest one comes on Thursday at 9/8c.
This episode was really interesting and I was surprised with some of the looks even as the group dwindles. We are seeing a lot more of the designers aesthetics.

The Challenge: Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider told the designers that…

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Summer Reading Review: Insurgent and Allegiant

Summer Reading Review: Insurgent and Allegiant

I decided to review the rest of the Divergent series together although I have not read Four yet. I plan to but not for my reading review. So, let’s start with Insurgent.

InsurgentThis took me a day and a half and the fact that I was still captivated by Tris and Four, it was amazing. I can’t compare it to The Hunger Games because the story is different. It has the same yearning for peace though and a new…

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Project Runway: Unconventional Movie Nite

Project Runway: Unconventional Movie Nite

Project RunwayDid anyone watch last weeks episode? An unconventional challenge partnered with a team challenge. Crazy, right? It was exciting to see all of the designs, you can find my favorites from the episode on Tumblr. I want to know thoughts from this episode though. Who was disappointed about who went home?

Let me give you my opinion. The losing team deserved to lose. I think Tim Gunn’s critique was…

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