Project Runway: The Klum of Doom

Project Runway: The Klum of Doom

Project RunwayEpisode Five was the first client challenge of the season but this time, its for Heidi. I have to say that this was a disappointing episode and, even though there were some very good looks, the designers had a lot of issues.
I also have to say that on another post, we are going to do a fashion study for Heidi since this episode was all about her.

Challenge: The designers were challenged to create…

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Project Runway: A Suitable Twist

Project Runway: A Suitable Twist

Project RunwayToday, I will be updating twice about Project Runway to catch back up for this Wednesday’s post and Thursday’s episode. I was so excited about the fourth episode because 1: we are down to 13 designers and 2: we are starting to see aesthetics come alive.

Challenge: come up with a high fashion look using a classic suit as the main fabric for the design. It was another one day challenge and there…

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Project Runway: Welcome to the Future

Project Runway: Welcome to the Future

Project RunwaySorry for the late post. You will be getting back to back looks at the past two Project Runway episodes before the newest one comes on Thursday at 9/8c.
This episode was really interesting and I was surprised with some of the looks even as the group dwindles. We are seeing a lot more of the designers aesthetics.

The Challenge: Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider told the designers that…

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