Recipes: Nutella Quesdilla

So, this morning I wanted to try something new for breakfast instead of the normal run-of-the-mill cereal to eat if I eat at all that morning. I had heard about the Nutella quesdilla on pinterest and wanted to try one for myself. Here is the recipe. Mine includes bananas but you can use in kind of fruit that you like.
Ingredients: makes 2 servings
1 small tub of Nutella
2 small tortillas
1 full banana

Spread however much Nutella spread you want on two small tortillas. Cut the banana in half and then cut the halves into small pieces. Put the small pieces on one side of the tortilla and leave the other side empty except for the Nutella spread. Get a small frying pan and on medium heat, spread butter inside the pan to make a little grease so the tortilla will cook better. When it has melted put the tortilla inside the pan on the side that DOES NOT have the bananas and Nutella on it. For two minutes, let the tortilla grill.
After the two minutes is up take a spatula and flip the side with only the Nutella onto the banana side. Let it sit for another two minutes. Flip the entire tortilla over, trying to keep intact. Grill for two more minutes then serve.

This is really fun to make and very easy. It would also be good for a lunch to take to work or school. As you can see, I ate the other half of my banana instead of making another serving. And like I said, you can use any type of fruit you want. Next time, I might try some strawberries.
- Clarissa Joy

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